D13 Enhanced level refresher training for firearms officers

Lazarus Training still of use of combat gauze

Still from Lazarus Training latest video using combat gauze

D13 Enhanced level refresher training

Skills fade fast without use, so frequent refresher training is essential. Countless reports identify the cruel relationship between the skill level and the time since the last training. With a full training portfolio to balance against operation requirements, it is impossible to have medical training every few weeks- which would be the ideal. Therefore you must ensure that your AFO Enhanced level refresher training has the maximum impact in the limited time. Lazarus Training has a number of refresher training options to keep your medics’ skills and confidence topped up.

We have two training “catchphrases” that reflect our outlook on training: #trainforreal and first aid training is a contact sport. Lazarus Training is becoming well known for its #trainforreal ethos, why practice on mannikins, when you can practice on real people? Our casualties and roleplayers are all trained both in the “acting” element but also in the use of our casualty simulation equipment. There will be blood, clothing to be cut and pressure placed upon the delegates via noise and darkness.

For D13 Enhanced level refresher training we run two day yearly courses, typically focusing on clinical skills, patient assessment and decision making- all practiced in role specific scenarios.

Information on our approach to training scenarios and simulations is available.

Our three yearly refresher is typically a five day package updating current practice and reviewing all skills as laid out in D13 medical training.

Medical refresher training for your enhanced level medics can also be included in other training events, give us a call on 0800 242 5210 or email to discuss more.