Firearms medic video content

Firearms medic video content related to our AFO, media safety and First Person on Scene first aid training. The videos on this page are hosted on YouTube, we also have a channel on Vimeo.

The use of tourniquets in first aid is now widely accepted, at least in “sensible” circles. We have been conducting a series of tests to look at how easy any particular model is to apply and how easy it is to teach someone to use.

Firearms medic video showing the application of the Combat Application Tourniquet [CAT] to a leg.

More general video, used in our firearms medic courses, but also in our media safety first aid courses and our FPOS I programme.

In a RTC the pedals may sometime cause “relative entrapment” of the feet due to movement, particularly during a head on impact. This video is used on a number of our courses to demonstrate one technique to “move the pedals”. This technique takes a few minutes to set up, so is more likely during a planned extraction of a casualty after a RTC, rather than an emergency extraction.

At Lazarus Training we run a wide range of first aid training courses, including our AFO Enhanced and AFO Standard level first aid training courses. We also run versions of these courses which are aimed at staff travelling overseas, particularly into hostile and remote areas.

Lazarus Training is also approved to run First Person on Scene training both at a Basic and Intermediate level.

Additional firearms medic video content will be uploaded, both here and via our Youtube channel.

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